Black stoneware vase

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This black stoneware vase is a unique, handmade piece. As you can see in the pictures, the piece presents a strong contrast between its upper and lower parts. The base keeps the natural matte earthy texture of the stoneware, while the upper part is treated with a shiny calcium glaze. The rich visual textures of the upper part are due to the calcium that, after firing, cools and forms microscopic crystals of whimsical shapes.

You can use this vase to decorate you home with or without flowers inside. If you use flowers and place the vase over wood, please use insulation.

This is a unique piece, modeled by hand at my workshop, using materials and following a process respectful of the environment.

High: 28 cm
Mouth diameter: 10 cm
Wider diameter: 28 cm
Base diameter: 11 cm

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