Shiboridashi tea set

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This shiboridashi tea set includes a teapot, a yuzamashi (cooler), two yunomis (cups) and a tray. Shiboridashi teapots are used in Japan to brew green tea. This a stoneware set, treated with ash glazes of my own recipe.

These are unique pieces created by hand, at my workshop, using materials and following a process respectful with the environment.

You’ll get exactly the same pieces featured in the pictures.

Hope you enjoy the set as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Teapot: Capacity 3.3 fl oz / diameter of the mouth 4,5 in / high 2,5 in
Yuzamashi: Capacity 3.3 fl oz / diameter 3.9 in / high 1.9 in
Yunomi: Capacity 1.5 fl oz / diameter 2.3 in / high 1.7 in
Tray: diameter of 10.6 in

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